How to: Edit a previous description entry in FootPrints Service Core to remove a password or Social Security number


Occassionally, someone may add a Social Security number, password, or other private information to an issue's Description field in FootPrints Service Core. When this happens, we need to edit the issue to remove the information. (Your workspace administrator determines which roles in your workspace can edit the most recent description in the manner outlined below.)

1) Go to Preferences.

2) Under the "Issue Page" tab, make sure that "Edit Most Recent Description & Resolution" is set to "Enable". Then, click SAVE.

3) Edit the issue. Under the "Description & Resolution" tab, you should be able to edit the previous entry to remove the private information. You may consider changing it to something like "[removed by John Agent on February 16, 2020]".

4) Save the issue.

5) Go back to Preferences and disable the setting "Edit Most Recent Description & Resolution". It's important to keep this disabled; otherwise, a known bug will cause each issue edit you make to show you edited the previous description even if you didn't.


The private information will be removed from the issue.

NOTE: If the entry you wish to edit is not the most recent entry, contact IT Help Central. A staff member with the QTKM programming team at IT Help Central can edit the database on the back end to redact the information.