How to: Determine the owners (administrators) of a response group in TTU Unified Communications


You must be a member of the response group to use these instructions.

1) Sign in to the response group using one of the methods below:

2) In parenthesis, to the right of the response group name and phone number, the group will be listed which is used to control who is a member of the response group. Make note of that name for use in Step 3.

example screenshot

3) Use the procedure How to: View the owner of a TechMail distribution list in Outlook on the web to view the owner of the group name that you located in Step 2.


The owner that you located in Step 3 is the owner of the response group. The owner or a departmental NSC can change who is in the response group using either Directory Query (built into Windows) or the software Active Directory Users and Computers.