How to: Create your TTUHSC email mailbox


1) Sign in to eRaider Account Manager.

2) In the left-hand menu, click Email Services.

example screenshot

3) Under the "HSC E-mail Mailbox Information" heading, click the Activate button.

example screenshot

4) If you already had a TechMail ( address, your TTUHSC email alias (the portion before the @ symbol) will be the same as your TechMail alias.

If you did not already have a TechMail ( address, you will be prompted to choose an alias. Choose your preferred option and click Create new E-mail Address.

example screenshot

5) If prompted for confirmation to create the address, click OK.

example screenshot


Your TTUHSC mailbox is available and ready for use after giving TTUHSC systems enough time to update. You may sign in on the web or configure your favorite email client to send and receive your TTUHSC email.

Please contact the appropriate IT support resource at TTUHSC for further assistance.