How to: Create a new web page in Omni CMS


NOTE: A new web page can be created from existing templates within the Omni CMS by accessing the "Pages" list view. The "Pages" list view can be accessed by choosing Content and then Pages from the global navigation bar. Pages should be created from within the appropriate directory to avoid needing to move pages and accidentally creating broken links.

1) In the top right-hand corner, click the NEW button.

example screenshot

2) Click New Web Page.

NOTE: To create a new directory, "Web Page Section" should be used instead. The section template will contain all of the necessary files to make the pages within the new directory render correctly.

example screenshot

3) Type a title for the page and a file name. Then, click CREATE.

NOTE: Be sure to leave .pcf at the end of the file name. This is a special Omni CMS file format. The extension will be changed to .php when the page is published. If you change the extension now, the header, footer, and other styling will not render.

TIP: The page title that you specify will be displayed at the top of the page itself. The file name will be part of the URL when visitors access your page (e.g.,

example screenshot


You have created a new web page for your departmental website.