How to: Connect to TTUnet Wi-Fi using Linux


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The TTU IT Division is able to provide the basic settings below for connecting a Linux computer to the TTUnet wireless network. Not all settings may appear on all versions of Linux.

  • Connection name: TTUnet
  • Connect automatically: checked
  • Wireless security: WPA2-Enterprise (802.1X)
  • Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)
  • Anonymous identity: leave blank
  • CA certificate: (None)
  • No CA certificate is required: checked
  • PEAP version: Automatically
  • Inner authentication: MS-CHAPv2
  • Username: ttu\your_eRaider_username (e.g., ttu\jdoe)
  • Password: your_eRaider_password

NOTE: If PEAP authentication is not an option or doesn't work for you, try using LEAP.

If you receive a "No Certificate Authority certificate chosen" warning message, check Don't warn me again and click Ignore.


Your Linux computing device is connected to the TTUnet wireless network.