How to: Connect to TTUguest Wi-Fi using Android


The instructions below will guide you through connecting to the TTUguest Wi-Fi network using your Android mobile device.


NOTE: Android is highly customizable and may look different depending on your manufacturer. The steps below may vary for different devices.

1) Open the Settings app.

example screenshot

2) Tap Network & internet.

example screenshot

3) Tap Internet.

example screenshot

4) Ensure that the Wi-Fi switch is in the "on" position (i.e., slid to the right). Then, tap TTUguest.

example screenshot

5) In the "Password" field, type the pre-shared key (PSK) that was provided to you by TTU faculty or staff. Then, tap Connect.

TIP: Faculty and staff members may look up the current TTUguest password (PSK) and provide it to guests of the university.

example screenshot


Your Android device will establish a connection to the TTUguest network.