How to: Connect to eduroam Wi-Fi using Android


NOTE: The settings applied are specific to the Texas Tech University campus. If you are trying to connect to eduroam at another institution, you may have to contact the IT department of that institution for connection setting specifics.


NOTE: Android is highly customizable and may look different depending on your manufacturer. The steps below may vary for different devices.

1) Open the Settings app.

example screenshot

2) Tap Network & internet.

example screenshot

3) Tap Internet.

example screenshot

4) Tap EduRoam.

example screenshot

5) Configure the following settings. Then, tap Connect.

  • EAP method: PEAP
  • Phase¬†2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
  • CA certificate: Use system certificates
  • Online Certificate Status: Do not verify
  • Domain: your home university domain (the part of your email address after the @ symbol)
  • Identity: your_institutional_email_address
  • Anonymous identity: blank
  • Password: your_institutional_email_password

example screenshot


Your Android device is connected to the eduroam wireless network.