How to: Connect remotely to the TTUHSC library database


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To connect to the HSC library resources, you either have to sign in using a TTUHSC eRaider domain account or be on a TTUHSC IP address range (which bypasses the need for TTUHSC eRaider sign-in).

With adjunct faculty members, this has been a problem because the daily feed from Banner employee records to eRaider only sends the TTU status of employment and the code is not provisioned to pull the additional HSC status. As a workaround, TTUHSC provides those individuals access using the TTUHSC VPN connection.

If you are a TTU employee/student requesting access to the HSC library resources and do not have any HSC affiliation in your student or employee records, you may visit the Preston Smith Library in person to access the desired resources or use a computer connected to the TTUnet network.


You will be able to access TTUHSC library resources.