How to: Clear the cache in Skype for Business on Mac


Skype for Business caches files locally on a computer to pull information quickly and efficiently. Common reasons that you will want to clear the cache include:

  • You can't sign in to TTU Unified Communications.
  • Your Outlook and Skype for Business integration is not functioning properly.
  • You have problems with the presence indicator.
  • Your contact list is out of date.
  • You cannot search for users in Skype for Business.

1) In your Mac's menu bar, click Skype for Business. Then, choose Sign Out.

example screenshot

2) In the "Sign In" window, click Delete Sign-In Info.

example screenshot

3) Click OK.

example screenshot

4) Click Skype for Business, and then click Quit Skype for Business.

example screenshot

5) Open Finder.

example screenshot

6) Press the keyboard combination command+shift+G. Type /users/YourMacUsername/library, where YourMacUsername is your Mac account name. Then, click Go.

example screenshot

7) Delete the following files:

  • Containers >
  • Internet Plug-Ins > MeetingJoinPlugin.plugin
  • Logs > LwaTracing
  • Saved Application State >
  • Preferences >

8) Open the Keychain Access app. One way to do this is by going to Launchpad, going to the Other folder, and clicking Keychain Access.

example screenshot

9) Delete all keychains starting with "Skype for Business".

10) Flush the DNS cache.

11) Quit all applications, and reopen Skype for Business.


Your cache in Skype for Business has been cleared.