How to: Check TechMail mailbox space used in Outlook


Click File > Tools > Mailbox Cleanup > View Mailbox Size, and in the Server Data tab you can view how much space is currently in use next to "Total Size."


1) Click the File tab.

example screenshot

2) In the "Info" tab, click Tools. Then click Mailbox Cleanup.

example screenshot

3) Click View Mailbox Size.

example screenshot

4) Click the Server Data tab. The total size used in your mailbox (including subfolders) will be listed next to "Total size."

 example screenshot

TIP: Do not look for the size under the Local Data tab, as it is only a reflection of the size used on your computer for the cached copy of your mailbox. The actual size used on the TechMail servers for your account is under the "Server Data" tab.


You are now able to view how much TechMail mailbox space is currently in use.