How to: Check in at Walk-up Services at IT Help Central



The Walk-up Services check-in kiosks are an electronic sign-in station. The station has an attached ID card reader that can read your RaiderCard. The system will pull up your account information and display any open issues that you might have or create a new issue for your visit.

Method A: Swiping a RaiderCard

A1) On the right-hand side of the kiosk, swipe your RaiderCard.

A2) If you see the screen below, try to swipe your RaiderCard again. If your swipe was successful, proceed to Step B4.

example screenshot

Method B: Manual entry

B1) If you do not have your RaiderCard, you can enter your information manually. Tap Do Not Have ID.

example screenshot

B2) Choose an identification method and type the requested information. Then, tap OK.

example screenshot

B3) Verify the information entered. Then, if this is you, tap Yes.

NOTE: If you choose "No", you will be redirected to Step B2 to find your account.

example screenshot

B4) If you have any open issues they will be displayed here. Next to the issue for which you are visiting Walk-up Services, tap Select. Otherwise, tap New Issue.

NOTE: If you do not have any open issues, you can skip this step.

example screenshot


You have successfully checked in to Walk-up Services. Tap Ok.

example screenshot