How to: Check in at Walk-up Services at IT Help Central


The Walk-up Services check-in kiosks are an electronic sign-in station. The station has an attached ID card reader that can read your RaiderCard. The system will pull up your account information and display a drop-down menu with troubleshooting options.


Method A: Swiping a RaiderCard

A1) On the right-hand side of the kiosk, swipe your RaiderCard.

Method B: Manual entry

If you do not have your RaiderCard, you can enter your information manually.

B1) Type either your TechID number or your eRaider username. Then, tap Submit.

example screenshot

example screenshot

B2) In the drop-down list, choose what troubleshooting option you would like to be assisted with.

example screenshot


You have successfully checked in to Walk-up Services. Tap Return to main screen.

example screenshot