How to: Change your eRaider password when you do not know your current password


No one at Texas Tech University or from anywhere else should ask for your password.


If you already know your current password, follow the instructions to sign in to eRaider Account Manager and change your password instead.

1) If you do not know your current password, browse to and click the Forgot Password button.

example screenshot

2) Type your eRaider username and date of birth. Then, click Continue.

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3) If your TechID and/or your Social Security number (SSN) is on file in the eRaider system, you will be prompted to enter one of them. Type either your TechID or SSN. Then, click Continue.

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4) To verify your identity, the eRaider system will send a verification code to the contact phone number that you specified in your eRaider account. Choose Text Message to have a verification code sent in an SMS text message or Voice Call to receive the verification code in an automated voice call. Then, click Continue when you are ready for the code to be sent.

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5) If you chose "Text Message" in the previous step, look for a new incoming text message with the following wording:

Your eRaider temporary access code is: CODE

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If you chose "Voice Call" in the previous step, you will receive a phone call with the following wording:

Use this code to change your password: CODE

6) Type the code that you received info the field labeled "Enter Code". Then, click Verify.

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7) Type the new password that you wish to use into both fields. Then, click Set Password.

NOTE: The password must meet the eRaider password requirements.

TIP: You will not be presented with the password again, so you must remember the password you entered.

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Your eRaider password has been changed. It may take up to 15 minutes for the password to function on all eRaider-authenticated services. If your password was expired, it may take up to two hours to reestablish full access to Microsoft services.

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