How to: Avoid account lockouts when changing eRaider password and using iPhone or iPad


No one at Texas Tech University or from anywhere else should ask for your password.

Following the steps below will help prevent a saved password on your iPhone or iPad from locking your TTU domain account after changing your eRaider password.


1) Update your saved password for TTUnet Wi-Fi.

2) If you use Skype for Business, sign out and then sign in with your new password.

NOTE: Microsoft's mobile apps such as Outlook or Word do not save the password on your device but use a token instead, so these apps will not result in a lockout. The Skype for Business and Remote Desktop apps are an exception to this.

3) If you use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, update the saved eRaider password in that app's settings area.

4) Remove or update saved passwords in your device's Settings app.

5) Update your eRaider password in any other apps on the device where it might be stored, such as Chrome.


Your TTU domain account will not be locked out, and your eRaider passwords have been updated on your iPhone or iPad.