How to: Avoid account lockouts when changing eRaider password and using a Mac


No one at Texas Tech University or from anywhere else should ask for your password.

Following the steps below will help prevent a saved password on your Mac from locking your TTU domain account after changing your eRaider password.

NOTE: Microsoft 365 apps, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and OneDrive, do not save the password on your Mac but use a token instead, so these apps will not result in a lockout. Apple's Mail app behaves the same way. An exception is Microsoft's Skype for Business app for which you must handle manually (see below).


1) Open Keychain Access and search for terms like "ttu", "texastech", your eRaider username, and your TechMail address. For any entries you find, evaluate if it's a saved password for a Texas Tech site or not. If so, delete the stored entries or change the stored passwords instead. (Whether your delete them or update them is your preference. Deleting them will cause you to be prompted the next time you sign in to something, and you can enter your new eRaider password at that time. Updating them usually takes longer, but you will not have to type the password the next time you sign in to each service.)

TIP: If you're using iCloud Keychain, updating the saved passwords on your Mac will then sync to your other Apple devices so that you only have to update them once.

2) If during the previous step you changed or updated your password for TTUnet Wi-Fi in Keychain (labeled as "TTUnet" or "802.1X Password"), you should turn off Wi-Fi, turn it back on, and then follow the setup instructions for connecting again if necessary.

3) Change the password for the login keychain using Keychain Access. (This is only necessary if you use your eRaider account to sign in to your Mac when it boots up.) If you do not know your previous eRaider password, you will be unable to change your login keychain password. In this instance, you will have to reset the login keychain.

4) Remove saved passwords from Chrome, Edge, Safari and any other browsers on your Mac.

5) Clear the sign-in cache in Skype for Business.

6) Update your eRaider password in any other apps on your Mac where it might be stored.

7) When your Mac first boots up, if you normally sign in using your eRaider credentials, you need click the Apple menu and choose Log Out your_name. Then, sign in using the new password. This will cause the cached local password on your Mac to update (synchronize) with your new password on the TTU domain. (This will only work if you are connected to the TTU network. If your Mac is not connected to the TTU network, try forcing the cached password on your Mac to sync with the TTU domain.)

8) If FileVault is enabled (whether enforced by Jamf or not), you may need to sync your FileVault password with the TTU domain.


Your TTU domain account will not be locked out, and your eRaider passwords have been updated in macOS.