How to: Add a user account on your Mac


Open System Preferences and click Users & Groups. Click the plus symbol (+). Create a username and password, and then click Create User.


1) Open System Preferences.

2) Click Users & Groups.

example screenshot

3) In the bottom left-hand corner, click the lock icon to unlock the preferences pane.

example screenshot

4) Type a username and password with administrative privileges on your Mac. Then, click Unlock.

example screenshot

5) In the bottom left-hand corner, click the plus sign (+) to add an account.

example screenshot

6) Configure the following settings, and then click Create User.

  • New Account: Choose the account type.
  • Full Name: name of the account owner
  • Account Name: username for the account
  • Password: Click the bubble next to "Use separate password", type a password for the account, and verify it.

example screenshot


You have added a new local user account.