How to: Add a network location to the Quick access shortcut in Windows 10


In File Explorer, click and drag a folder to your "Quick access" shortcut bar on the left-hand side.


With the addition of Windows 10, what used to be called "Favorites" was been renamed to "Quick access".

NOTE: To connect to a shared network drive on the TTU network, you must be connected to TTUnet. If you are off the TTU campus or in the TTU residence halls, please esablish a TTUnet VPN connection before continuing.

1) Open File Explorer.

example screenshot

2) In the address bar at the top, type the network path and press Enter. Use the format \\server_name\share_name.

EXAMPLE: To connect to TechShare, use \\\depts\your_dept or just \\\depts.

example screenshot

3) Locate the particular folder you would like to add. Click on it and drag it to your Quick access location in the left-hand pane.

example screenshot


The shared folder's location is now a shortcut under "Quick access". You can click it at any time to connect directly to your network shared drive.

example screenshot