How to: Access SciFinder Scholar at TTU


SciFinder Scholar can be accessed at the University Library, on campus (outside the University Library), and off campus. SciFinder Scholar is currently available through six public computers at the University Library. There are three computers in the Reference area and three computers in the Government Documents/Current Periodicals area. The six computers are designated with a sign. To access SciFinder Scholar at one of the public computers at the University Library, just click on the SciFinder Scholar icon located on the desktop (monitor screen) and sign in using your eRaider account.

NOTE: Access to SciFinder Scholar is limited to current faculty, staff, and students of Texas Tech University. An eRaider account is required to access SciFinder Scholar at the University Library and to download the client software onto a computer outside of the University Library.

SciFinder Scholar Web can be accessed by browsing to

NOTE: You will need to create and register a SciFinder account while connected to the TTUnet network before you can access SciFinder Scholar Web.