How to: Access a student's eBill as an authorized user


Browse to Click Payment & Fee Information > Login & Pay (authorized user). Under "Authorized Users," sign-in using your credentials. Fill out the appropriate information and click Save.


1) Browse to

2) Click Payment & Fee Information.

NOTE: If your window is minimized, you will need to instead click the options icon located on the right-hand side. Then, click Payment & Fee Information, and under "Making a Payment" click Login & Pay (authorized user).

example screenshot

3) Click Login & Pay (authorized user).

example screenshot

4) Under "Authorized Users", type the credentials that you initially set up. Then, click Login.

example screenshot

5) Fill out the fields with the appropriate information. You will need to set up a new password along with your account information. Then, click Save.

example screenshot


Your profile and credentials will be updated for your user eBill account.

example screenshot